Alex McLeland | coors light : nfl campaign
alex mcleland, art director, san diego, california, graphic design, commercial photography, retouching
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coors light : nfl campaign

One of the more prominent brand campaigns you’ll see during the course of the NFL season is Coors Light. They’ve positioned themselves as the beer of choice for die-hard football fans. The art direction for this campaign needed to stay on brand and connect with these dedicated fans. A major branding point for Coors is being able to enjoy the beverage at ice cold temperatures, maintaining that the quality of the beer comes from the most refreshing place on earth.


This helped shape the art direction and design elements used to portray the feeling of a football player partaking in a game in the freezing cold temperatures of the Rockies. Ice crystals, frost, visible breath, and blue tones were used to create the chilling environment. Talent and wardrobe was crucial for this campaign as I wanted the model to look just as authentic as any current NFL player. The correct physique, uniform, and equipment were heavily scrutinized. As a result, a model that could act a runningback/linebacker hybrid provided us with the most versatile and authentic set of images. The campaign ran throughout the entirety of the NFL season by means of: packaging, magazine ad space, and various environmental graphics.


Role: Art Direction, Retouching, Photography, Styling

Client: Coors Light